EU agrees new law on more sustainable and circular batteries to support EU’s energy transition and competitive industry.

The Commission welcomes the provisional political agreement reached between the European Parliament and the Council aiming to make all batteries placed on the EU market more sustainable, circular and safe. The agreement builds on the Commission’s proposal from December 2020 and addresses the social, economic and environmental matters related to all types of batteries.

The new EU Battery regulation sets new standards on sustainability: carbon footprint, recycled content, performance and durability.

-Batteries play an increasingly important role in our lives. Whether they power our cars, bikes, household appliances or serve other uses, batteries should be sustainable and easy to recycle. The agreement reached today sets out clear rules to support scaling up battery use and production, and ensure it is done in a safe, circular, and healthy way.”

Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal – 09/12/2022 


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