Workshop: Battery Technology

UiA Campus Grimstad C2-041 Grimstad, Norway

Why batteries? Lithium-ion batteries are key enablers for the green shift, allowing the storage of energy from renewable sources like wind or photovoltaics for later use. The industry in Sørlandet is orienting towards battery manufacturing, covering a broad range of the battery value chain from material and battery production to system design and recycling. It is a unique opportunity to utilize Norway’s hydropower […]

Nordic Regional Battery Visit October 10th-11th

Clarion Hotel Tyholmen Teaterplassen 2, Arendal

The Nordic Battery Collaboration between Innovation Norway, Business Sweden and Business Finland, invite you to the second Nordic Regional Battery Visit. The theme for this gathering is innovative battery materials – focusing on regional sourced raw materials combined with sustainable recycling. During the 1½ day program, you will learn from others, share insights and experiences, […]