The EV battery expansion:
Bottlenecks, conflicting goals and possible solutions

This short seminar presents comprehensive new research insights on how the global demand for battery materials could develop in the period up to 2050, how this demand
could be met, and what risks may be elicited in alternative electrification pathways.The seminar also takes stock of the rapidly evolving political and market context for batteries, including an assessment of how the recent US Inflation Reduction Act may impact the growing Nordic battery sector.

The seminar draws on insights generated by the three-year research project BATMAN
(Lithium ion BATteries – Norwegian opportunities within sustainable end-of-life
MANagement, reuse and new material streams) which has been jointly conducted by
NTNU, IFE, UiA, TØI, Hydro, Elkem, Eyde Cluster, Glencore Nikkelverk, Agder Energi, and
Fiven. These research partners have mapped emerging battery chemistries and the
evolution of the European EV-fleet. They have assessed issues such as how we may
balance reuse vs recycling of batteries, bottlenecks in supply of battery materials and
possible increases in carbon emissions. The project has also analysed how new
regulatory and policy directions may shape the sector, for example through carbon
leakage, technology lock-ins, or other problem shifts.

The seminar will be given by members from the BATMAN teams at NTNU (lead by
Professor Daniel B. Müller) and UiA (lead by Associate Professor Stina Torjesen).

Date: 17 November 2022
Time: 0830-0945
Location: Pakkhuset, Nedre Slottsgate 2C, 0153 OSLO